LED street lights are becoming very popular, they are extremely energy efficient. Many cities are trying to test and replace the high pressure sodium lamps with LED lights.

high power led street light

There are three important features of our LED street lights:

1. With high quality Epistar LED chip, stable quality

2. Extruded groove style aluminum aloy shell,

    This kind of shell is much better than aluminum die casting in  heat radiation, good heat radiation will reduce the lumen depreciation, greatly extend the life of lamp.

3. On the shell there will be a aluminium cover, this can  resist rainwater, leafs(It will reduce the heat radiation). this is very important in the practical application.

High power LED street light
Item Technical detail Product size
Voltage:AC85-265V 50/60Hz  
Service life:40000h,Ra:40-81  
Color temperature: 3500K-7000K    
LST-H42W Watt: 42W 300*300*490mm
Luminous Flux:3150LUM 
Applicable height:3~5 meters
LST-H56W Watt: 56W 300*300*535mm
Luminous Flux:4200LUM 
Applicable height:4~6 meters
LST-H70W Watt: 70W 300*300*580mm
Luminous Flux:4200LUM 
Applicable height:5~7 meters
LST-H84W Watt: 84W 300*300*625mm
Luminous Flux:6300LUM 
Applicable height:6~8 meters
LST-H98W Watt:98W 300*300*670mm
Luminous Flux7350LUM 
Applicable height:7~9 meters
LST-H126W Watt:126W 300*300*715mm
Luminous Flux9450LUM 
Applicable height:8~10 meters
LST-H140W Watt:140W 300*300*760mm
Luminous Flux10500LUM 
Applicable height:8~10 meters
LST-H168W Watt:168W 300*300*850mm
Luminous Flux12600LUM 
Applicable height:9~11 meters
LST-H182W Watt:182W 300*300*895mm
Luminous Flux13650LUM 
Applicable height:9~11 meters

high power led street light


Low Power LED street lights

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