LED Flashlight
LED flashlights are the development of the bulb flashlights, and will be more and more used, because of it's superior performance: long life, environment-friendly, energy-saving.

How to choose a good flashlight? you may attention following points:
- Battery, lithium battery and ordinary battery, although rechargeable for lithium batteries, but the low life, about 2 years, LED life span of about 10 years, can be selected according to the actual situation.

- LEDs, choose a LED which was made by a reliable factory, like Cree,SEOUL,Osram,lumileds...

- Aperture, good LED flashlight aperture for a uniform round spot , poor LED flashlight divided into two uneven distribution of color.

- Brightness, choose the high-brightness LED flashlights, slow decay.

- Waterproof , a good LED flashlight with waterproof function, and be well protected against dampness, moisture, rust and shock.

- The appearance, we suggest aluminium-alloy shell, which is attractive and durable.

In daily use, such as home spare flashlights, night-time general lighting, a normal flashlight is enough, it is relative cost-effective, like model LF-01. If you want the led flashlight with more higher performance: brighter, lighting more far distance. High power led flashlights like model LF-02 are the good selection.
6 LED+1 Krypton LED flashlight (Item: LF-01)
Super bright LED light with 13,000-15,000mcd
Side rubber button switch (Three position)
High-strength aluminum alloy case
Water, shock and corrosion resistant
With portable lanyard
Available LED color: white, blue, red, UV, green
Lamp: 6 LED+1 Krypton
3W high power led flashlight (Item: LF-02 )
Optional lower grade 1W LED
Max Output: 120 lumens
Runtime (high): 1 hour and 30 minutes
Length: 15.4cm
Barrel diameter: 3.6cm
Rechargeable LED Flashlight (Item: LF-06 )
Lamp: 1pc 3W CREE LED
Max Output: 150 lumens
Runtime (high): 5 hours and 45 minutes
Length: 28.8cm
Barrel diameter: 4.1cm
Weight: 443g (without batteries)

Tactical flashlights are most used by polices,soldier and some special population.Which has more high requirments than normal flashlights in lighting time, brightness, lighting distance, waterproof, shockproof.
Rechargeable LED Tactical Flashlight (Item: LF-05)
Max Output: 180 lumens
Runtime (high): 2 hour and 45 minutes
Length: 16.9cm
Barrel diameter: 2.7cm
Weight: 156g (without batteries)
AC Adaptor AC100-240V included
Explosion-proof flashlight is professional tool for special places,like mines, power plants and some where relativ inflammable and explosive places.
Rechargeable LED Explosion-proof Flashlight (Item: LF-75)
Ex-mark: Exd II CT6
IP: IP67
Dimention: φ40×210mm
Explosion proof
Light source: LED

Rechargeable LED Portable Explosion-proof Searchlight (Item: LF-61)
Ex-mark: ExdⅡCT6
IP: IP68(50m)
Explosion proof
Light source: LED

If you want a Multifunctional LED flashlight, which can be used for daily use and working. LF-09 is your best selection.
Multifunctional LED flashlight (Item: LF-09 )
Lamp: 1W Luxeon LED+33 white LEDs+20 red LEDs
Max Output: 45 lumens/59 lumens/36lumens
Runtime (high): 3hours 45 minutes / 6 hours 30 minutes / 7 hours
Length: 36.2cm
Barrel diameter: 3.1cm
Weight: 420g (with batteries)

Any way you need notice one point: if you don't use the flashlight in long time, please put it in a ventilating and drying place, and take out the batteries from the flashlight, or it will likely damage the flashlight because of the leakage of the batteries.
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